Students Find Success at New York History Day in Cooperstown!

Based on their performance at the Long Island Regional History Day competition, nine of our students competed in the New York State History Day competition at Cooperstown last month. They departed on Sunday, 23 April and returned on Monday evening, 23 April. Students were accompanied by our very own Jo Beth Roberts and Willets Road faculty members Patrick Shanahan and Diane Ilkiw.

The topics presented were:

Junior Historical Paper

  • Victor Li: Florence Kelley: Taking a Stand for Women & Children

Junior Group Documentary

  • Joseph Doria, Jack Keys and Neil Shah: Lewis Hine & His Stand Against Child Labor in America

Junior Performance

  • Emma Melnikov: Power of Voice: Sojourner Truth-Taking a Stand for Women & African Americans

Junior Individual Website

  • Layla Jarrahy: Alice Paul: Taking a Stand to Win Suffrage for Women

Senior Historical Paper

  • Ananya Bansal: Lewis Hine: Standing in the Shadows, Casting Light on a World of Darkness

Senior Group Website

  • Roxane Ghadami and Ally Wang: Nat Turner: Freedom Fighter or Murderer

At the end of the State judging, Emma Melnikov earned 2nd place! Additionally, Joseph Doria, Jack Keys and Neil Shah earned 1st place. Finally, Ananya Bansal earned 3rd place recognition.

Because of their top two finishes, Emma, Joseph, Jack and Neil have earned the right to represent New York State in the National History Day finals in Maryland next month! Congratulations to all of the competitors!

[Thanks to Jo Beth Roberts and Susan Checkla for the photos.]

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