Wheatley Students Compete in Math Fair @HofstraU

On Friday afternoon, 23 Wheatley students headed to Hofstra University in order to compete in the annual Mathematics Fair. Students competing included:

8th Grade:

  • Manav Bansal (“Finding Area Under a Curve Using Geometry and Definite Integrals)
  • Anya Chabria (“Fibonacci Numbers”)
  • Nadav Cohen (“Transformations”)
  • Sarah Hassan (“Matrices and their applications in Computer Schience and Mathematics”)
  • Ubaidullah Hassan (“Magic Squares”)
  • Eric Ness (“Music and Mathematics”)
  • Temitope Oshodi (“The Use of Math in Fantasy Sports”)

9th Grade

  • Rahul Ajmera (“The Mathematics Behind the GPS”)
  • Brandon Behar (“The Infinite Qualities of Twin Primes”)
  • Alyssa Belle (“Fractals”)
  • Madison Ramos (“The Mathematics Behind the Construction of the Sagruda Familia”)
  • Ashley Vincenzo (“Inflation and its Connection to Investments”)
  • Emily Yagoda (“Compound Interest”)
  • Sharon Zhong (“Mathematics within Origami”)

10th Grade

  • Andrew Hirsch (“Linear Programming”)
  • Manan Shukla (“The Banach-Tarski Pradox”)

11th Grade

  • Sufia Ainechi (“Planet X”)
  • Justin Vega (“Schrodinger’s Equation”)

12th Grade

  • Jakob Gilbert (“Equation for Combining Exponents”)
  • Arvin Jadonath (“The Lorenze Attractor”)
  • Ashley Lessen (“Chinese Remainder Theorem”)
  • Gil Lotzky (“Martin Gardner’s Puzzles”)
  • Jax Nussbaum (“Finite Differences”)

While the aforementioned students were presenting their research, the following Wheatley faculty members served as judges for the competition:

  • Maryrose Ambrose
  • John Beleckas
  • Robert Gadamowitz
  • Casey Marks
  • Kevin Meyers
  • Robert Teseo

At the end of the competition, 9 Wheatley students earned Gold Medals, 3 Wheatley students earned Silver Medals and 5 Wheatley students earned Bronze Medals. Congratulations to the following medal winners:

Gold Medal Winners:

  • Rahul Ajmera
  • Anya Chabria
  • Jakob Gilbert
  • Sarah Hassan
  • Madison Ramos
  • Manan Shukla
  • Vedant Singh (Awarded for competing in Suffolk Math Fair)
  • Justin Vega
  • Emily Yagoda

Silver Medal Winners

  • Manav Bansal
  • Arvin Jadonath
  • Jax Nussbaum

Bronze Medal Winners

  • Brandon Behar
  • Alyssa Belle
  • Ubaidullah Hassan
  • Ashley Vincenzo
  • Sharon Zhong


Thanks to Mr. Teseo, we have a few pictures from the event:

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