Liza Laurino Celebrated with Simmons Award Recognition!

Last week, the East Williston community came together to celebrate one outstanding educator from each of the three schools as the recipient of the Simmons Award.

The Simmons Award, named after Steve Simmons (Class of 1964), was started in 1996, when he, in appreciation of the extraordinary education he, his family and his classmates received here, donated $100,000 to the East Williston Education Foundation to establish an annual awards night. Over 100 staff members have been honored with certificates and monetary awards in appreciation for what they contribute to the education of our students.

Liza Laurino, a member of our special education department, was this year’s recipient from Wheatley. Liza has been instrumental in the development and integration of our Life Skills program. Liza was joined by Rachel May from Willets Road and Kim Wetzel from North Side. Congratulations to all the recipients, and thanks again to Steve Simmons and his family for their generosity!

Liza’s colleagues created a lovely video that helps to showcase her impact on the students and the school.

This video doesn’t exist

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