The Competition Heats up on #Showdown2017 Day 4

The fourth day of Showdown2017 continued to produce surprising results, with a tightening of the competition among the grades! The seniors pushed back against the recent success of the junior class and set themselves up for a big final day of Showdown!

With a “Country Western/Country Club” dress theme, students spent the day in appropriately creative clothing. While the classes worked on a bridge to be used during tomorrow’s Friday Night Finale, each grade manned a Charity Information Table as a way of raising awareness and funds for a charity of its choice. Additionally, students participated in the rescheduled Simon Game Challenge.

Our rescheduled Spirit Assembly proved to be an intense event, with the seniors and juniors competing neck and neck throughout the competition. The busy day ended with Dialogue Night #38, during which students and parents discussed issues of Respect.

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