Showdown2017 Day 3 Competition Heats Up!

On this third day of Showdown2017, it became clear that every class was ready to fight for the Showdown Cup! Eighth graders won an event (Wheeling to Wheatley), ninth graders were declared winners of an event (Create a Banner), tenth graders won the WSTV Trivia, eleventh graders won the Build a Mascot and the twelfth graders earned the most bonus points! We are still awaiting some tallies for the day’s competition…

Students competed in the following activities:

  • WSTV Trivia (History)
  • Sports Day
  • Wheeling to Wheatley Wednesday
  • Build a Mascot Contest
  • Brainstormers

You can view the WSTV Showdown Trivia competition and some pictures below:

This video doesn’t exist

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