Sumu Pitchayan Earns Top Spot on Wheatley’s Got Talent!

This year’s fourth annual Wheatley’s Got Talent competition took place on Monday night just hours before the impending Nor’easter led to school cancellation. The evening showcased an incredible array of students and talents. Organized by Wheatley’s Tri-M Music Honor Society and hosted by senior Lauren Levine and junior Roxane Ghadami, the evening was an entertaining exhibition of the myriad of student talents in our school!

With the assistance of our five Class Advisor judges (Mr. Crisci, Mr. Haig, Mrs. Stein, Mrs. Silverstein and Mrs. Roberts), eight performance acts were evaluated, with three finalists performing a second time — with the winner being determined by the audience vote.

The competitors were:

  • Grace McPhillips and James McPhillips (Rap & Vocal)
  • Shruti Goyal (Indian Hip-Hop Dance)
  • Alyssa Belle (Guitar)
  • Hallie ArbitalJacoby and Jessica Poomkudy (Vocal)
  • Adeel Anwar (Violin)
  • Kaileigh Fiorillo and Ally Levine (Vocal)
  • Mia Blitz (Dance)
  • Sumu Pitchayan (Guitar)

Based on the judge’s decision, the following acts advanced to the second round:

  • Kaileigh Fiorillo and Ally Levine (Vocal)
  • Mia Blitz (Dance)
  • Sumu Pitchayan (Guitar)

While we awaited the results of the evening, we were entertained by last year’s Wheatley’s Got Talent winner, Justin Vega!

We also had a chance to view the student-produced video:

At the end of the evening, Sumu was declared winner of this year’s Wheatley’s Got Talent! Congratulations to Sumu, who earned 25% of the ticket sales for the Class of 2017! Finally, a huge “Thank You” to Angela Luftig and our Tri-M Music Honor Society for organizing this wonderful event!


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