World Honors 9 Classes Visit Kadampa Meditation Center!

On Thursday, March 6, the students of Ms. Schwartz’s and Mrs. Topping’s World Honors 9 history classes visited the Kadampa Meditation Center of Long Island in Huntington. As part of this visit, students were introduced to Buddhist meditation by Kadam Holly McGregor.

This visit aligns with one of the most important goals of World History Honors—the teaching of world religions, their basic tenets and how these religions have impacted the development of our past and modern world. Teaching our students to respect each of our world religions and to not judge them from an ethnocentric viewpoint is ultimately the purpose and importance of visits like this.

Students were given a tour of the meditation center where they viewed and learned about Buddhist art and sculpture. This tour  was followed by a talk from Kadam Holly about Buddha’s intentions and beliefs and how the practice of meditation helps to put these beliefs into practice. Students were then guided through two meditations. Following the meditations, students were invited to ask questions and have a cup of tea!

Students and staff alike boarded the buses and headed back to Wheatley far more relaxed and still than when they left!

Thanks to Ms. Schwartz for the write-up of the trip and the photos!

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