GenderFest 2017 a Wonderful Celebration!

On Monday, 6 March, Wheatley’s Gender Equality Club hosted our very first GenderFest in the cafeteria from 3:00-5:00 pm in honor of Women’s History Month. Students honored women in the entertainment industry by showcasing a local Long Island female band, Antigone Rising. This band has performed all throughout the United States and the world. Their outreach program, Girls Rising, seeks to engage students at home and abroad about the challenges that women have faced in the entertainment industry and how they personally have addressed and learned from these challenges. 

Following the concert, the club and additional Wheatley clubs will be hosted henna booths, poetry readings and seminars on gender inequalities. Of course, there was plenty of food as well!

Our Gender Equality Club worked tirelessly to prepare for GenderFest! We are thankful for the work of its advisor, Cindy Schwartz, in guiding the students in preparation for the successful event!

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