Ali and Hannah Speak to Faculty About Allergies!

Last week, junior siblings Alexandra and Hannah Ostad spoke to the faculty about life at Wheatley with a severe food allergy. Ali, who has lived with life-threatening food allergies since the age of three, described how she has to think about every single piece of food she places into her mouth every day. Hannah, Ali’s twin, described how she has developed anxiety worrying about her sister’s allergies!

Ali and Hannah gave a wonderful presentation to the faculty, with the aim of encouraging greater awareness of and sensitivity to the issue of students with allergies. As a result of their advocacy, we will be placing allergy alert signs in every classroom, reminding students and staff when a room is used by a student with a food allergy.

You can view Ali and Hannah’s presentation here: food-allergy-faculty-presentation

2 Thoughts

  1. As a grandmother of a young man who is actually afraid to fly to Florida to visit because he is so allergic to airborne contact with food, I feel your plight. Stay strong.

  2. It would be a wonderful community service if these young ladies could share their presentation with the faculty at North Side and Willets Road on behalf of their younger counterparts with food allergies. Great presentation!!

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