Vintage Poetry Read Highlights Student Voice!

Earlier this afternoon, scores of students gathered in Room 450 for the third annual Vintage Poetry Read. Organized by Maya Alfia and Sara Zulfiqar, editors of our award-winning Vintage literary magazine, the afternoon was a casual opportunity for students to share some of the poetry they have written over the past few months. Of course, students were encouraged to submit their work for inclusion in this year’s edition of Vintage, which will be released in June.

Thank you to the following students who shared their work:

  • Adam Aldad
  • Maya Alfia
  • Patrick Brady
  • Roxanne Ghadami
  • Lianna Golden
  • Jamie Horowitz
  • Daisy Kaur
  • Ally Kim
  • Jane Kim
  • Gretchen Keller
  • Vani Kumar
  • Talia Rosen
  • Saman Suleman
  • Justin Vega
  • Emily Wang
  • Anne Yan
  • Sara Zulfiqar

Thanks as well to Mr. Leidenfrost-Wilson, faculty advisor to Vintage!

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