Wheatley’s Midterm Experiences Bring the World to Students (Part 5)

Wheatley’s Midterm Experience is designed to give our 9th and 10th grade students hands-on workshops to provide insight into how English can be used in future endeavors. On Wednesday, over the course of two hours, students worked with acclaimed authors, poets, comedians and creative artists in activities designed to engage students in a way that can be challenging during the regular school day.

The Midterm Experience occurs thanks to the dedication of our Secondary English Chair, Mr. Steve Collier, our extraordinary librarian, Mrs. JoBeth Roberts, and our dedicated English teachers.

previous post and another post and another post and another post highlighted some of the workshops. Here are a few more of the wonderful workshops:

Sports Broadcasting

by Michael Chisena (School of Communications, Hofstra)

and Dan Savarino (Instructor since 2014. Hofstra ’15. Currently News12 Varsity PxP, Freelance PxP Adelphi/Molloy college among others. Former: NY Islanders Reporter/Color analyst, Hofstra Sports PxP voice, Station Manager of WRHU-FM)

and Julia Esposito (Former student with the program. Currently a freshman at Hofstra perusing the field. Member of WRHU-FM, Hofstra TV.)

We hear them during Sunday football, we watch them on ESPN and we read their columns and even Tweets to get the latest news. Sports journalism comes in a variety of different ways. But, how do they know what to say? In this workshop, students learned the on-air side of the industry. Learning from current professionals who have covered athletics from the professional level to high school, students had a chance to learn hands on what it’s like to read from a teleprompter or interview someone on camera.

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How Do You Tell the Children?

by Lauren Blum

This workshop was designed for our creative writers and artists. In the workshop, Mrs. Blum asked participants to think about what was hard for them to understand as a child: Maybe an illness or death in the family?  Maybe the birth of younger sibling?  Maybe the fact that there are families with different structures (e.g., same-sex parents, single parents, etc.)?  In this workshop, participants examined children’s picture books that try to teach children about difficult and/or controversial issues, and then create their own.

Enter Stage Right! The Fundamentals of Theater Direction

by Dr. Elaine Kanas, Superintendent of Schools and former Theatre Director

It is obvious what a playwright and actors contribute to the theatre experience. But what does a director actually do?  During this workshop, participants learned the essential contributions a theatre director makes to a production in this hands-on workshop that had students interpreting, staging and guiding actors as they learned how to bring a playwright’s words magically to life through a unified vision.

Your Voice, Your Choice: public speaking for everyone

by Elise May (performer, teaching artist, teacher, elocution and dialect coach)

Can’t get enough of that Ted talk?  Be the inspirational speaker you know you can be!  Using short personal writing based on “I have a dream,” this workshop incorporated theater voice games and techniques to give students the confidence to boldly go where tney haven’t gone before.  Your words have power – learn to let your voice have power, too!

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This video doesn’t exist

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