Project Lead The Way Students Design and Produce 3D Puzzle Cubes!

Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Engineering is a 4-year sequence of classes that helps students develop the problem solving and creative thinking of an engineer. Wheatley is in its third year of the implementation of this wonderful program.

Recently, students in our PLTW Design and Drawing for Prodution (PLTW-DDP) class finished their first major design challenge of the year. As part of this challenge, students were asked to design and create two puzzle cubes: one consisting of five interlocking parts and the other comprising six interlocking parts. Each puzzle was not include a duplicate piece and had to meet a standard dimension of 2.25″ (H) x 2.25″ (D)  x 2.25″ (W). 

The project began with students applying the design process to brainstorm various puzzle cube combinations in which they sketch ideas in both isometric and orthographic drawing styles.  Once the students’ drawing met all criteria and constraints, students needed to then apply their hand drawn sketches into a 3D modeling software (Wheatley uses Auotdesk Inventor). 

Once the parts were modeled using the software, students assembled each part and created a detailed drawings sheet to illustrate their work.  Many of the students took their process to the next level by using our 3D printers to print each individual part, assemble it and create a layout drawing to provide a package in which they can store their puzzle cubes.

Thank you to Mr. Storck and Mr. Hurley for the description and the photos!

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