SWS Students Get an Upclose Understanding of the New Broadway Show, “Dear Evan Hansen!”

On Wednesday, November 30, a group of SWS students went to see the new Broadway musical, Dear Evan Hansen. As part of this visit, students met with a member of the cast to discuss the show, its message, and the actor’s journey to Broadway.  

Dear Evan Hansen is a musical that tells the story of a lonely teenager struggling to find connections in the digital age in the aftermath of a suicide in his school.  It opened last week to rave reviews, all of which noted not only its success as theatre, but its compassionate message, the way it speaks to “anyone who has ever felt, at some point in life, that he or she was trapped “on the outside looking in.” (Isherwood, New York Times, December 5, 2016).

Will Roland, who plays the “snarky” friend of the main character, talked with us about how the show had changed in its journey to Broadway, what he had learned in the process, and the impact the show has had on the teenagers and families who have seen it.  

Thanks to Steve Collier for the write-up and the photo!


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