Showering in Spanish Conversation Class?

On any given day, a lot of activity occurs at Wheatley—both inside and outside of the classrooms!

Earlier today, one of our Spanish teachers, Julie Jacobson, shared the following project and photos of an exciting activity in her Spanish Conversation class! Presented by junior Bert Cumming, the project make quite the impact!

This is a project I adapted from Bill van Dyke. Students choose a Spanish word that begins with a certain letter (this week it was D). They have to do an oral presentation without notes in front of the class. They can’t just stand there and speak; they must have visual representation to go with what they’re saying. When the week was “B,” Bert taught the class how to play baseball; when it was “C,” Bert showed us how he can solve Rubik’s Cubes. For “D,” he chose “ducharse” (to shower), so he took a shower in class!

This video doesn’t exist

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