Wheatley Wrestler Shawn Mosca Signs with the University of Maryland

The Wheatley School Athletic Program is honored to recognize the accomplishments of senior Shawn Mosca. Shawn has signed a letter of commitment and accepted a scholarship to continue his academic and wrestling career at the University of Maryland, College Park, in the Big 10 Conference.

Shawn is a returning six-year starter for the Wildcats, a returning All State, NYS finalist, four-time All County and two-time Nassau County Champion. Shawn helps to organize practices and takes care of pre-game practices and match responsibilities. As our most accomplished wrestler, Shawn performs at the highest level on the mat and continually adds spirit and confidence, keeping the team motivated and enthused. He has been a major contributor and the source for keeping the Wheatley wrestling program viable. As the recipient of every wrestling recognition that Wheatley awards, Shawn has excited not only Wheatley enthusiasts for the past five years, but Nassau County and New York State wrestling enthusiasts as well.

Shawn’s outstanding accomplishments speak of his unlimited talent and desire to be the best. Shawn is entering his senior season as one of the top ranked wrestlers in the country. His focus and dedication to the sport of wrestling has allowed his talent to be sought after by many Division I wrestling programs. Shawn has been a member of the Ascend Wrestling Club. At this prestigious wrestling club, Shawn has competed nationally and has achieved All American recognition. Shawn is a true student of the sport and returns the help and instruction he has received from his coaches by mentoring the younger members of the club as a volunteer coach and supporter.

On November 14, 2016, Shawn Mosca made his decision to accept the University of Maryland’s scholarship. The University of Maryland is thrilled to have a student-athlete of Shawn Mosca’s character and work ethic to help build on the Terrapin’s proud athletic reputation.

[Thanks to Tom Fitzpatrick for the write-up and Susan Checkla for the group photo!]

One thought

  1. Congratulations Shawn!! A fan of the Mosca family through the years and having Shawn’s father in my class a few years ago. Would have loved Shawn to go to Hofstra and spark their wrestling program, however, Maryland has a great program and the academic program is just what Shawn wants. Again, all my best.
    Bob (“Bullet”) Bernstein.

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