Teddy Koutsoftas’ Photograph on Display in Vice President’s Residence!

Congratulations to Wheatley ninth grader Teddy Koutsoftas. Teddy’s photograph is currently on display at Vice President Biden’s residence in Washington D.C. through a program in partnership with National Geographic Kids’ My Shot photo community.  

In an interview with National Geographic, Teddy explained,

“I was trying to capture the contrast between the white and orange pumpkins.  To get this shot I used my iPhone.  Although some people may believe that you can only take good pictures with an expensive camera, I like the quote from Casey Neistat, a famous YouTuber, who said, ‘It is not the gear you use to take the picture, it’s the story you tell with it.’” 

The program rotates a number of digital photographs each month in the Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden’s home enabling visitors to see the young artists’ works. To view the ten current images on display, visit http://kids-myshot.nationalgeographic.com/.

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