Gil Lotzky and Alexandra Boubour Recognized for Work on Published Manuscript

Gil Lotzky (Class of 2017) and Alexandra Boubour (Class of 2015) were acknowledged for their contributions to a recently published manuscript in JPRAS Open: An International Open Access Journal of Surgical Reconstruction. The manuscript, “Parotid Duct Injury Secondary to Shark Bite Injury: Repair with a Crawford Stent,” appears in the December 2016 volume of the journal. Gil and Alex’s work on an earlier version of the manuscript was acknowledged by the authors at the end of the case study.

This is not the students’ first contributions to a publication. In February 2015, a paper that Alex co-authored was published in The North American Skull Base Society’s journal. Last year, Gil’s work was published in the Journal of Neurological Science.

Thanks to our Science Research Coordinator, Alexis Blondrage, for her support of all of our students conducting research!

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