Justin, Maya, Ashley and Rebecca Recognized by NYS Archives!

At the end of the 2015-16 school year, student research projects were submitted to the New York State Archives Student Research Contest.  We are thrilled to announce that four Wheatley students were recently recognized for their outstading work! Congratulations to:

  • Maya Alfia
  • Justin Spar
  • Rebecca Sparacio
  • Ashley Vincenzo

According to the archives website:

The main purpose of the awards program is to encourage students to explore the wealth of historical records held in historical records repositories in New York State. Students, working individually or in groups, develop projects such as research papers, papers reconstructing the past, exhibits, documentaries, performances, PowerPoint entries, websites, or proposals for the designation of a historical marker, property or district. Projects must include an annotated bibliography and use historical records.

The entry form requires that students use a minimum of three archives or historical repositories, but our student award recipients used many more! In the process, they were able to understand the connection between historical primary sources and the analysis of history.

The students were  notified of their recognition in early October. Certificates of Honorable Mention were awarded to:

The research that the students were able to do supports  district goals, specifically “Ensure development of astute student researchers who understand how to ask and answer important questions.” These students continually asked questions that led them to dig deeper, and to find the resources that would lead them to new understandings and insights. Congratulations to all, and thank you to Mrs. Jo Beth Roberts for her ongoing work with and support of these students! Thank you as well to Mrs. Roberts for the write-up and photo!

Rebecca, Ashley, Maya and Justin were recognized by NYS Archives!

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