Rohan Murphy Showcases a “No Excuses” Attitude!

As part of our Red Ribbon week, Rohan Murphy presented to the students at Willets Road (in the morning) and at Wheatley (in the afternoon). Rohan, who lost both of his legs at birth, overcame the isolation and challenges he felt as a youth through hard work, determination and a positive attitude. Through the encouragement of a teacher, Rohan began wrestling in high school, eventually earning a spot on Penn State’s wrestling team.

In a warm and engaging conversation style, Rohan shared both his struggles and his successes with students. He also shared the 20/20 feature from a few years ago.

One of the highlights of the presentation was when Rohan demonstrated a wrestling move on Liam, one of our 9th graders. (As you can see in the video, Liam handled himself so wonderfully!)

This video doesn’t exist

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