Creating Canvases of Sunshine on our Day of Service!

One of the activities held during our 8th Annual Day of Service and Learning was the creation of artwork for the Meadowbrook Care Center — a rehabilitation center in Freeport. Led by Danielle Calvagno and Sherri Schacter, students created artwork that would be delivered to the rooms of the rehabilitation center.

In the words of Ms. Calvagno:

I asked the students to think of all of the items in their bedroom that they love: their iPad and cellphone, a pretty comforter for the bed, lamps to add soft lighting, painting and posters on the walls, sports equipment, etc. Then I asked them to imagine their bedrooms without any of those things that are special to them. I explained that when a person enters a short term or extended care rehabilitation center, their “new room” is absent of everything except a dresser, bed, nightstand, and perhaps a chair.

As a result of their work, seventeen canvases were created for the Meadowbrook Care Center — bringing a little bit of sunshine to the residents’ rooms!

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