Wheatley Celebrates its 60th Anniversary!

Last June, Wheatley celebrated its 59th Annual Commencement Exercises. After diplomas were conferred to the members of the Class of 2016, the number of Wheatley alumni totaled 8,936. This past weekend, hundreds of those alumni — along with scores of family, friends and faculty — descended upon Wheatley to celebrate its 60th Anniversary!

Spearheaded by Arthur Engoron (Class of 1967), the weekend celebration was over a year in the planning — with a flurry of activity taking place in the week before the weekend! Yearbooks were scanned for photos of the alumni who were coming, box dinner orders were placed, rooms were prepared and lots of dessert and snacks were purchased.

On Friday afternoon, over a dozen alumni participated in a career panel, during which current students enjoyed hearing about Wheatey in decades past as well about the various career paths the alumni followed. On Friday night, classes spread out across the region to enjoy each others company. The big celebration took place on Saturday afternoon — extending well into the evening. During this time, Wheatley alumni filled the auditorium, hallways, classrooms and gymnasium, relishing in the opportunity to reconnect with each other over some food and entertainment. A highlight of the event was the group photo!

A few photos of the event are included in this post, with more to follow soon!

You can view a copy of the program here: Wheatley 60th Anniversary Program


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