Wheatley Science Olympiad Local Competition Brings out Scores of Students!

This past Thursday, approximately 80 students came to Wheatley to compete in the annual Wheatley Science Olympiad.  Students competed in such events as:

  • Anatomy and Physiology (questions on various parts of the human body)
  • Experimental Design (students are given a scenario and asked to answer questions and develop solutions to the design)
  • Chemistry Lab (quetions on chemistry-related topics)
  • Forensics (students required to identify the perpetrator of a crime based on forensic evidence)
  • Write It, Do It (students looked at an assembled model and wrote how it should be built; these instructions were then given to another team member for assembly)

It was reported that all of the students who attended had a great time and many of them are members of Wheatley’s famed Science Olympiad team which has reached the State Science Olympiads for the past three years.  Many thanks to the teachers who worked the event and had fun alongside our students: Jim Abdale, DJ Paulson, Tim Schwalm, Mindie Schwartz, and our team co-advisors Matt Gottlieb and Alexis Blondrage.  

This event is held in preparation for the Islip Invitational in December and the regional Science Olympiad in February.

[Thanks to Alexis Blondrage for the write-up and David Casamento for the photos.]

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