SWS in the City of Brotherly Love!

On Thursday afternoon, our School Within-A-School (SWS) program departed for Philadelphia for its annual community trip to begin the school year. Part community-building experience, part history-related excursion, these annual trips play a pivotal role in setting the tone for the year. In Philadelpia students were able to enjoy the history and culture of the city in a fun and engaging setting.

Students spent time enjoying the hustle and bustle outside of Philadelphia’s Museum of Art, the Constitution Center and the Franklin Institute. Students bonded with each other in their family groups and prepared for what promises to be a wonderful year in this special program! They returned to Wheatley earlier this afternoon.

Thank you to the teachers who accompanied the students on this trip: Pat Clarke, Lauren Blum, Michael Dunn, Steven Collier, Theryn Gibbons, Rochelle Schnitzer, Birthe Seferian and Daniel Burke.

Thank you to Pat Clarke and Dan Burke for some of the photos!

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