End of Year Work for EAC

In any school, there are inevitably a variety of activities that take take place as we wrap up one school year and prepare for another. Once such activity that needs to get done is the washing and storing of the scores of recycling containers used throughout the building. This task is handled by our Environmental Action Committee (EAC).

For several decades, now, every classroom and office space at Wheatley has had recycling bins. As part of its commitment to sustainability, members of our EAC empty these recycling bins every week (usually on Wednesday afternoons). This is an arduous task that can often go unnoticed—unless the bins are overflowing from use. It is not unappreciated, however!

At the end of the year, the EAC officers organized the final collection of all recycled paper and the cleaning and storing of the recycling bins until next year!

Thank you to incoming EAC co-president, Alex Kasparian, for the photos, and EAC Faculty advisor Steve Finkelstein for the work he does throughout the year with our EAC students!

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