Wheatley Brainstormers Earn 3rd Place in New York State Columbia Cup Tournament!

Congratulations to the Wheatley School Brainstormers Team, who have won 3rd place at the Columbia Cup Tournament. The School was honored as the 3rd best team in New York State, a first-time achievement for Wheatley’s team!

Varsity Captain Mohammad Khanzada led the team in this accomplishment. Additional members of the team were:

  • Gabriel Besada
  • Luke Cuomo
  • Arihant Jain
  • John Li
  • Christopher Shen
  • Jake Williams

 The Columbia Cup is a series of 3 Quiz Bowl competitions held at Columbia University for High School students in New York and New Jersey. 23 High School teams competed for the top 3 prizes in each state, and Wheatley ended up with the coveted 3rd Place trophy in the New York State Division.

Furthermore, Captain Mohammad Khanzada recently achieved the distinction of being the highest scoring Cumulative Quiz Bowl Scorer in Wheatley history! Mohammad’s five years of hard work and effort culminated in this outstanding distinction. Congratulations to Mohammad! Below is the link to the overall Wheatley School statistics.

Thank you to faculty advisor Joseph Crotty for his work with the team as well as the write-up of this wonderful accomplishment!


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