Students and Staff Celebrated at 12th Annual In Recognition of Excellence Dinner

Last night, Wednesday, 15 June, our 12th Annual In Recognition of Excellence dinner was held. During a very busy time of the year, this has always been one of my favorite evenings. Through our students’ own voices, attendees are reminded of the deep and lasting impact our faculty have on our students academic, emotional and social lives. The celebration of the relationships formed and connections made is what makes for such a special evening!

With so much talent in our school, it is still possible for some students to not get the recognition that they deserve. To recognize these students, the In Recognition of Excellence award was introduced eleven years ago. This honor is given to 10 students who have demonstrated outstanding service to school and community, demonstrated respect and concern for fellow students, and set high expectations for themselves as they have achieved their goals.

The recipients of this award were asked to select one teacher, staff member or coach from their experiences at North Side, Willets Road, and Wheatley who had the greatest positive impact on their life.

A highlight of this year’s evening was the presence of honoree Amanda Sivin via FaceTime. Amanda was attending a mandatory orientation meeting at University of Michigan, but technology permitted us to connect with her live for a few minutes!

Congratulations to our recognized students and the faculty they acknowledged:

Crystal Barroca

  • Wanda Francis (NS)
  • Michelle Santoro (WR)
  • Pilar Principe-Franco (Wh)

Kayla Barroca

  • Lynn Kaye (NS)
  • Marguerite Immordino (WR)
  • Laura Gurick (Wh)

Lisa Di Fiore

  • Lynn Kaye (NS)
  • Natalie Brew (WR)
  • Johanne Wright (Wh)

Arihant Jain

  • Pamela Goldstein (NS)
  • Scott Hoefling (WR)
  • Kevin Meyers (Wh)

Andrew Jin

  • Isabel Simoes (NS)
  • Dr. Joseph Coladonato (WR)
  • Angel Rivero (Wh)

David Rosenzweig

  • Jill Widyn (NS)
  • Dr. Joseph Coladonato (WR)
  • Dr. John Staudt (Wh)

Christopher Shen

  • Meryl Fordin (NS)
  • Donald J. Paulson (WR)
  • Timothy Schwalm (Wh)

Farrah Siegler

  • Judy Syvertsen (NS)
  • Diane M. Viola (WR)
  • Kevin Meyers (Wh)

Amanda Sivin

  • Frank Bannerman (NS)
  • Rosa Chiarenza (WR)
  • Robert Gadamowitz (Wh)

Jake Williams

  • Henry Kupstas (NS)
  • Natalie Brew (WR)
  • Birthe Seferian (Wh)


[Thank you to Dr. Gately for some of the photos!]

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