Wheatley’s Spring Concert (Part 2) Provides an Abundance of Amazing Music!

At last night’s Spring Concert (Part 2), the audience was treated to wonderful performances by our Intermediate Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, Chorale, Jazz Band, Honors String Ensemble and Symphonic Orchestra. In fact, there was so much music that our Honors Spring Ensemble even had to perform one of its pieces in the Main Lobby as the audience was entering the auditorium for the main concert!

Under the guidance of our music teachers, Angela Luftig, Dr. Peggy Ho and Stan Orlovsky — as well as faculty members Steven Fitzko and Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson — our music students did a wonderful job with complex and fun musical pieces!

This was a special concert for many of our students, as 20 members of the Class of 2016 performed at their final Wheatley concert. We will miss them, and we wish them the best as they grow musically beyond Wheatley! The graduating seniors performing tonight were:

  • Vakas Akhtar
  • Adena Bernot
  • Rebecca Besada
  • Sienna Brancato
  • Jessie Cao
  • Robert Chang
  • Krista Chen
  • Jessica Chu
  • Luke Cuomo
  • Joshua Dinetz
  • Erica Kim
  • Samantha Leong
  • Morgan Misk
  • Alana Osroff
  • Jordan Pollack
  • Jeffrey Poomkudy
  • Gabriella Santoli
  • Christopher Shen
  • Jaclyn Stroud
  • Cindy Zhou

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