Meet our 2016 Leadership in Action Recipient!

One of the final few awards given during our Academic Awards Evening is the Susan Bergtraum Leadership in Action award.

Susan Bergtraum has been the model of an active and engaged community member. A long-time resident of our district, she was an active parent in our schools, and she served as a Board trustee for 15 years, including five years as Board President. Presently, she is serving schools districts from across the state as President of the State School Boards Association. Last year, in honor and recognition of her past, present and future service to our school and community, we established the Susan Bergtraum Leadership in Action Award for the senior who best epitomizes the action leadership exhibited by Susan Bergtraum.

Presented by Mrs. Diane Cumming, Wheatley PTO co-president, here is what was said about this year’s recipient:

This year’s recipient is genuine and kind, exhibiting a maturity well beyond his years. Never one to seek recognition or praise, this recipient prefers to work behind the scenes and stay under the radar. However, when one is a National Merit Finalist, an accomplished pianist and cellist, and a record breaking athlete, the spotlight will eventually find you! In addition to an impeccable academic record, this student’s impressive resume reflects his strong sense of commitment and dedication. As a student officer, the Class of 2016 has relied on this recipient for numerous tasks above and beyond the responsibilities of the position. This young man embodies all the great qualities of a leader: intrinsic motivation, genuine interest, and dedication. Wheatley will miss him next year!

It is our distinct honor to present the 2016 Susan Bergtraum Leadership in Action Award to Luke Cuomo.

2016-05-26 22.20.55-2

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