“TenP Talks” Reflect the Passion and Interests of our Students!

On Monday, 23 May, students in our English 10P Honors courses invited friends, family and special guests to the first inaugural “Ten P Talks.” Modeled after the well-known Ted Talks, these student presentations aimed to answer the question, “What Matters?” Students chose topics that reflected their passions and interests, aiming to educate and inform the audience in under ten minutes.

The topics and presenters were so impressive! Congratulations to the students, and thank you to Lauren Blum and Stephen Collier, who organized and helped the students through this inaugural event!

My one regret was that the two-hour block prevented me from seeing more than six of the presentations!

The students and topics presented include:

  • Sufia Ainechi: “Where Are You From?  Our Multiethnic World.”
  • Adeel Anwar: “Meating in the Middle: Meat Eater’s Compromise”
  • Alekya Bokka:  “Rape and Sexual Assault: Fact and Fiction”
  • Devin Brancato:  “Is Willpower Enough?”
  • Jacob Chimerine: “Guilt: Curse or Blessing?”
  • Katie Clark: “The Power of Music”
  • Caroline Crimmins: “:-) The Benefits of Smiling”
  • Meaghan Doherty:  “Title? I’ll Figure That Out Later…”
  • Kim Esquilin: “Is it Really the End of the World?”
  • Sana Haroon: “The Surprising Influence of Language”
  • Emily Freund:  “You Are You, Not Your Older Sibling”
  • Rachel Fuzaylov: “Why Does Feminism Still Matter in 2016?”
  • Rikki Gassman: “Cluttered Room, Cluttered Life.”
  • Roxane Ghadami: “Women’s Educational Rights Internationally
  • Jessica Hastings: “The Team Behind Every Success”
  • Jamie Horowitz: “Why You Depend on Dependence”
  • Alex Kasparian:  “I Present Like a Girl (Just Kidding)”
  • Megan Kirschner: “Concerts: Beyond the Music”
  • Ally Kim:  “Can Money Buy Happiness?”
  • Elizabeth Kokotos: “For the 20%: Educating People About Learning Disabilities”
  • Abhishek Kumar:  “Artificial Intelligence”
  • Vani Kumar: “I Am More Than Just a Number”
  • Eric Lichtenstein: “More than a Game”
  • Michelle Raja: “Antibiotics Can S̶a̶v̶e̶ Kill”
  • Anusha Ramnarayan: “Redefining Expectations”
  • Saman Suleman: “Decide to Decide”
  • Eva Suppa: “Unleashing Your Inner Artist”
  • Justin Vega: “Playing Music With Your Ears”
  • Ally Wang:  “Using Failure as a Weapon”
  • Emily Wang: “Why You Shouldn’t Believe in the Make Believe, But I Do It Anyway”
  • Carol Wu: “How to Choose a President”
  • Anne Yan:  “Our Culture of Appropriation”
  • Alice Ye:  “Sports are the Real MVP in Success”

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