Ken Mohan Presents at Hofstra Senior Year Conference!

This past Wednesday, Senior Ken Mohan presented his Senior Project at Hofstra’s Senior Year Sharing Conference.

Coordinated by our English teacher Natalia McMillan, our Senior Projects are completed by all students taking English 12R. As part of the Senior Projects, students must research a topic of interest to them and serve an internship with a local professional. Each year, some students are selected to present their project at an annual conference at Hofstra.

Ken’s research and internship centered on Real Estate, Development and Property Management.  In his presentation, Ken discussed the negative effects of vacant properties, the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008 and the various important considerations regarding property development.

Congratulations to Ken for a job well done, and thanks to Natalia McMillan and Stephen Collier for their support of the program!


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