Meet our 2016 PTO Teacher of the Year!

At last night’s Academic Awards Evening, a highlight was the presentation of the PTO Teacher of the Year. This annual award is voted on by the parents and presented by the PTO near the end of the evening. This year’s recipient was one of our Spanish teachers, Pilar Principe-Franco. The award was presented by Mrs. Diane Cumming, PTO co-president.

This is what was read about Ms. Principe-Franco:

The recipient of this year’s PTO Teacher of the Year award is a teacher who has managed to take a challenging subject and inspire students to do their best in the classroom. The passion for learning and teaching come through loud and clear in the classroom. This teacher has been able to approach the subject matter in a way that permits students to better understand appreciate it.

One parent described this teacher as “always there for the students…demanding in expectations yet supportive in approach.” Another parent described this teacher as “an amazing, caring and engaged teacher who turned on my son to a love of [the subject].” Yet another parent described this teacher as one who cares deeply about the students and encourages them to reach their full potential.

Overseeing a classroom that is a whirlwind of activity, this teacher gets students talking to each other, working with each other and even arguing with each other. Heck — sometimes the students in class will be dancing with each other!

Outside of the classroom, this teacher is a wonderful model for students and colleagues alike. A committed professional, this teacher has spent hundreds of hours collaborating with colleague from across the United States, bring back a level of expertise to our school that has benefitted our students.

Passionate and encouraging, this teacher connects with students and reflects all that we admire about Wheatley and its traditions.

Please join us in congratulating Pilar Principe-Franco as this year’s PTO Teacher of the Year.

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