Luke and Sienna Recognized at Presidential Leadership Symposium!

Earlier this year, seniors Luke Cuomo and Sienna Brancato submitted essays to be considered by the organizers of Hofstra’s 2016 Symposium on Presidential Leadership.  Both of their essays were selected to be included in the commemorative Journal of the symposium, which recently arrived at school districts across Long Island.

While at the symposium, Sienna (a student of Dr. Staudt’s AP Government class) and Luke (as student of Ms. Seferian’s AP Economics class) had the opportunity to meet and talk with Howard Dean and Ed Rollins.

You can read their essays here: Hofstra Presidential Leadership

Congratulations to Luke and Sienna, and thanks to Dr. Staudt and Ms. Seferian for their support of this special program! Thanks to Dr. Staudt for the photos!

2016-05-20 08.49.43
Dr. Staudt with Wheatley students
2016-05-16 10.34.56
Sienna and Luke with Dr. Staudt



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