Abra Moraewc Showcases Fiesty Farms at SWS

Abra Moraewc, a member of Wheatley’s Class of 2004, visited the SWS community earlier this week to share her most recent endeavors. Abra is the proprietor of Feisty Acres Farm where she pasture raises quail. Her farm is the only organic, pasture, game farm on the East coast.

Abra shared her passion for being a good steward for the environment, explaining a program she has developed to release native quail species into the wild. Additionally, she described her activism as she tries to spread the word about food justice issues and the importance of preserving open spaces in the face of residential development pressures.

The SWS community was happy to hear about her most recent adventures just as we were when she came back to share her Peace Corps experiences with us. And, we were also very happy to meet the quail she brought for us to see and hold!

[Thanks to Pat Clarke for the write-up and the photos!]

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