Busy Days and Nights in Peru!

It has been a busy few days for our Wheatley Travelers in Peru!

Reunited with our Sister School, students spent yesterday making presentations on various aspects of our culture to five different classes. Many of our students were swarmed by the primary children asking for autographs!!! They felt like celebrities! Later in the day, they spent a few hours learning Peruvian dances and playing the box drums.

Today the students spent time in a variety of classes with their counterparts. Feedback from teachers was good. They were active participants and some were in a WW II debate against the Peruvians. The Wheatley students won the debate by 1 point!

After morning classes, they went to a local history museum followed by lunch and more classes. They ended the day with some volleyball as they awaited the bus.

[Thanks to Joan Anderson for the narrative and the photos!]

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