Wheatley Students Depart for Peru!

On Friday night, 15 Wheatley students departed for a ten-day adventure in Peru! Accompanied by three faculty members (Joan Anderson, Isabel Simoes and Jason Craven), these students will enjoy the historical and cultural sites of Peru (centered about Lima). They will also have an opportunity to spend time with the students from our sister school, Colegio San Jose de Monterrico.

The students participating in this terrific adventure are:

  • Ron Aldad
  • Crystal Barroca
  • Kayla Barroca
  • Adena Bernot
  • Caroline Crimmins
  • Lianna Golden
  • Jessica Hastings
  • Arihant Jain
  • Alexandra Kasparian
  • Diana Lee
  • Ciara O’Brien
  • Lavanya Reddy
  • Farrah Siegler
  • Daniel Singh
  • Jeffrey Wu

Good luck and safe travels to all!

[Thanks to Dr. Bernot, Mrs. Golden and Ms. Guzman-Singh for the photos!]

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