Italian Students Practice their Culinary Skills!

Last Friday 28, 6 May, 8th grade students studying Italian, along with their chaperones, Susan Vasselman (their Italian teacher) and Robert Gadamowitz (part of our mathematics department), embarked upon a phenomenal culinary journey. 

Participants in this wonderful trip learned how to make five different Italian food specialities and then enjoyed eating them!  Upon arrival at the  A La Carte Cooking School in Lynbrook, students were first instructed on safety rules for the kitchen. Then each recipe for all parts of our meal was introduced and explained.  After this instruction, students were separated into groups of five.  Each group had to execute the recipes assigned to them: bruschetta, polenta with broccoli rabe, gnocchi pomodoro, chicken piccata and tiramisu.  

It was a wonderful opportunity to translate the Italian food theme classroom unit to a hands-on experience.  

[Thanks to Susan Vasselman for the photos and the write-up!]

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