Vani, Jessica and Emily Compete at i-SWEEEP 2016

While their classmates were enjoying a week off from school, sophomores Vani Kumar, Jessica Poomkudy and Emily Wang spent the second half of the April break competing at the International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering and Environment) Project Olympiad (I-SWEEEP). Taking place in Houston, Texas, this national competition brings together science projects from across the world so that students can present their innovative ideas on today’s challenges in energy, engineering, and the environment, and creating a more sustainable world for tomorrow.

Hundreds of students from over 60 countries were invited to compete in the competition. Vani, Jessica and Emily qualified for the Engineering category of this prestigious competition with their project: The Use of the CRISPR/Cas9 System for Genetic Engineering in Escherichia coli.

Vani, Jessica and Emily’s project was recognized with an Honorable Mention at the awards ceremony! Congratulations to the students for this wonderful recognition! Thank you as well to our Science Research Coordinator, Alexis Blondrage, who accompanied the students to Houston!

[Thanks to Ms. Blondrage for the photos!]

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