Wheatley Students Celebrate Earth Day!

During the final three days before the start of the April vacation week, Wheatley’s Environmental Action Committee (EAC) sponsored activities related to Earth Day. As part of the activities, Bob DiBenedetto (from Healthy Planet) spoke to students about how food choices impact one’s health and our planet.

On Thursday, we were fortunate to have Carl Flatow join us with a live bee hive! There was also a valiant attempt to make matzo in a solar pizza box ovens.

The highlight of the Earth Week festivities, however, took place on Friday. On this day, students set up informational booths so that other could learn more about ways in which they can make a difference for our planet. Students were able to purchase fresh lemonade, learn about recycling coffee pods and composting coffee grounds, purchase reusable water bottles and learn more about the animals that co-habitate our planet!

Thank you to the EAC faculty advisor, Steve Finkelstein, for his work with the the EAC officers and students in bringing this celebration (once again) to Wheatley.

[Thanks to Mr. Finkelstein for the photos!]

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