Dr. Peggy Ho Presents at NYS Band Directors Association Symposium!

Earlier this month, Dr. Peggy Ho, one of our dedicated music teachers,  shared her expertise at the New York State Band Directors Association Symposium. Dr. Ho’s session, entitled “Projects and Beyond,” was described as follows in the session description:

Over the past 9 years, I have incorporated different projects into my curriculum that allow my band students to explore music beyond the performance. Through these projects, my students have become whole learners of music, having learned the process of improvisation and composition, researched the historical perspective of the pieces we have studies and delved into the question of music’s role in our society. In this session, we will explore a few of these projects to see how you, too, can help your students develop a deeper understanding of music.

We are fortunate to have faculty who are willing to share with their colleagues across the state!

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