Students Compete in Federal Reserve Challenge!

Earlier today, five seniors from Mrs. Seferians’ AP Macroeconomics classes participated in the Round 2 of the High School Federal Reserve Challenge at the Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan.

As part of this challenge, the students prepared a thorough presentation consisting of three parts:

  1. a summary of the current economic situation;
  2. a discussion of  the economic challenges faced by the US
  3. a proposal for monetary action that the FED should undertake to correct/maintain economic growth.

All this was doing using and interpreting economic indicators. The panel of economists were impressed with our students’ presentation and defense of their monetary proposal. The students will find out if they advance to the next round later this week.

Congratulations to the student participants:

  • Ron Aldad
  • Krista Chen
  • Luke Cuomo
  • Mohammad Khanzada
  • Andrew Zuckerman

Thank you as well to Mrs. Birthe Seferian, the students’ teacher and the advisor to this competition!

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