#Showdown2016 Day 1 Roars out of the Gate!

On this first day of Showdown2016, the grades came out ready to win! Although the Class of 2016 is sharing its confidence in a three-peat, there are four other grades that are working hard to prevent that from happening!

On Day 1, the classes competed in the following categories:

  • WSTV Trivia (a special Pi Day edition)
  • PJ Day
  • Lego building contest
  • Pi Memorization competition
  • Ping Pong

Additionally, students participated in our Coins v Bills competition, our Book Fairies collection and our t-shirt donation.

During the morning trivia competition, only the seniors and juniors managed to get on the board, with Krista Chen giving the edge to the seniors.

The seniors dominated the Pi Memorization contest, with Jessie Cao reciting 227 digits correctly — beating out 10th grader Megan Klein by 1 digit! The sophomores came in second for that competition, followed by the 8th graders, 11th graders and 9th graders.

The Lego Building competition was won by the 10th grade, followed by the 12th, 11th, 9th and 8th grade!

The Ping Pong competition was won by the 11th Grade team of Josh Yakubovich and Matt Porges, followed by the 9th grade, 10th,  12th and 8th.

More results to follow!



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