Wheatley Wildcat Recognized at Press Day @AdelphiU

On Wednesday, 9 March, some of our Wildcat Newspaper editors attended Press Day at Adelphi University. In addition to breakout sessions featuring newspaper and magazine editors and reporters, the conference features the Quill Awards, which serve to recognized high school newspapers in a variety of categories.

Wheatley’s Wildcat earned recognition in a variety of categories:

Best Opinion Piece, 1st Place

  • Andrew Zuckerman, Jeffrey Poomkudy and Luke Cuomo for “DON’T READ THIS IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED!: A Cold, Hard Look at Trigger Warnings, Free Speech, Racial Insensitivity , and the Right to Not be Offended”

Best Photograph, 3rd Place

  • David Rosenzweig

Outstanding Newspaper, 3rd Place

  • The Wheatley Wildcat – Joy Bestourous and Andrew Zuckerman, Editors in Chief

Best Opinion Piece, Honorable Mention

  • Krista Chen for “Global State of Emergency”

Congratulations to the student editors:

  • Editors-in-Chief: Joy Bestourous and Andrew Zuckerman
  • Editor-in-Chief of Photography and Design: David Rosenzweig
  • Editor-in-Chief of Media: Josh Dinetz
  • Managing Editors: Krista Chen and Andrew Jin
  • News Editors: Jared Bernstein and Jordan Shaked
  • Business and Technology Editors: Arihant Jain and Karan Amin
  • Features Editor: Jessica Chu
  • Entertainment Editor: Erica Kim
  • Op-Ed Editor: Sienna Brancato
  • Sports Editor: Chris Vazquez

Finally, thanks to our Faculty Advisors, Jen Fatone and Jo Beth Roberts.

(Thanks to Ms. Roberts for the photo!)

2016-03-09 13.55.50
Andrew, Joy, David, Jeffrey, Ari, Sienna and Andrew!

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