Wheatley Students Compete in LISEF and JV LISEF

Earlier today, 13 Wheatley students headed to the Crest Hallow Country Club to compete against hundreds of students from across Long Island. For two of our students, Joy Bestourous and Krista Chen, this was Round 2 of the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair (LISEF). Joy and Krista qualified for this round through their success last month in Round 1 of LISEF. Their projects were as follows:

  • Joy Bestourous (in house project)
    “Grape Seed Extract Decreases Tumor Susceptibility and Expression of Cep-1 by Increasing XPA Expression in Caenorhabditis elegans”
  • Krista Chen (Researched at Stony Brook University, Simons Program)
    “Novel Combination Chemotherapy Targeting Cancer Stem Cells with a Tumor Targeted Drug Delivery System Potentiated by Natural Remedies, EGCG and/or Curcumin”

While the older students were competing in Round 2 of LISEF, 11 younger Wheatley students were competing in JV LISEF. These projects were as follows:

  • Vani Kumar, Jessica Poomkudy and Emily Wang
    “The Use of the CRISPR/Cas9 System for Genetic Engineering in Escherichia coli”
  • Nirav Kumar and Arvin Jadonath
    “The Eradication and Inhibition of Biofilm Growth Using Various Organic or Acidic Substances”
  • Megan Kirschner and Ananya Bansal
    “The Effect of Coconut Oil on the Alzhiemer’s homologue gene, apl-1, in C. elegans”
  • Jamie Horowitz
    “ADPR-1 Gene Expression With Exposure to Garcinia Extract and Grapeseed Oil”
  • Rachel Fuzaylov and Brett Katz
    “The Effect of BAMLET on Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Regular Isolated Bacteria”
  • Sana Haroon
    “A Comparison of Moringa oleifera Seed Extract on Conventional Water Purification Methods”

In LISEF Round 2, Joy Bestorous earned 3rd Place and Krista Chen received Honorable Mention!

In JV LISEF, Ananaya Bansal and Megan Kirschner earned 2nd Place and Vani, Jessica and Emily received Honorable Mention.

Congratulations to all of the participants, and “Thank You” to our Science Research Coordinate, Ms. Alexis Blondrage, for all of the work she does with the students!

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