Honors String Ensemble Wins Best in Class at Disney!

On Thursday afternoon, 3 March, members of our Honors String Ensemble boarded a plane to compete at Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Accompanied by Angela Luftig and Rick Leidenfrost-Wilson, the 17 students enjoyed some time at Disney and then competed against schools from across the country on Saturday.

When the results were announced, the Wheatley Honors String Ensemble earned the first place Best in Class trophy! Congratulations to the following participants:

12th grade

  • Adena Bernot
  • Jessie Cao
  • Robert Chang
  • Krista Chen
  • Jessica Chu
  • Sahaj Gulati
  • Samantha Leong
  • Cindy Zhou

11th grade

  • Diana Lee

10th grade

  • Roxane Ghadami
  • Saman Suleman
  • Justin Vega
  • Emily Wang
  • Ally Wang
  • Aiden Wong
  • Anne Yan

9th grade

  • Amanda Kim

Thank you to Adena Bernot for sharing many of the photos from the trip!

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