Wheatley Students Present “The Lorax”

On Friday, 12 February, Wheatley students entertained our North Side neighbors with a production of the Dr. Seuss environmental classic “The Lorax.”As an annual production of Wheatley’s Environmental Action Committee (EAC), “The Lorax” helps spread the message of conservation and respect for mother Earth.

The North Side students joined us as:

Maya Alfia (Class of 2017) played the Once-ler, who is greedily transforming the beloveded truffula trees into theends, which are fine somethings that all people need. (Fortunately, the Once-ler experiences a change of heart by the end.)

Ariana Arralde (Class of 2017) played the Lorax (who speaks for the trees which they seem to be chopping as fast as they please).

She also spoke for the barbaloots who eat truffula fruits, the swammy swans who can’t sing with smoggety smog in their throats, and the humming fish who can’t hum for their gills are all gummed ’cause the pond is glumped with gluppity glup and schloppity schlop).

Avery Tanenhous (Class of 2016) and Joseph Feimer (Class of 2018) did sound and lights.

Henry Kupstas, the enrichment teacher at North Side, helped to coordinate the production.

Thanks to Steve Finkelstein, our EAC Faculty Advisor, and all of the students for the work they did on this production! Thanks as well to Mr. Finkelstein for sharing the photos.

Students involved include:

  • Maya Alfia
  • Alex ArbitalJacoby
  • Ariana Arralde
  • Rachel Bergsohn
  • Sienna Brancato
  • Aileen Chowdhury
  • Caroline Crimmons
  • Luke Cuomo
  • Bryan Doherty
  • Megan Doherty
  • Joe Feimer
  • Rikki Gassman
  • Jamie Horowitz
  • Alexandra Kasparian
  • Lauren Levine
  • Saj Patel
  • Karthik Pitchayan
  • Jordan Pollack
  • Brenden Resnick
  • Andrew Schloss
  • Avery Tanenhous
  • Danyal Zulfiquar
  • Sara Zulfiquar


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