Students Wrap Up Their Time in France!

Jean-François Henley, our French teacher and one of the two chaperones (along with Laura Gurick) leading students on this trip to France, wrote of the final days in France:

The Jardin Exotique of Eze, the principality of Monaco and a final dinner in Nice. We are all sad at the thought of leaving this beautiful country behind. Even in the face of horrible acts around the world we must always remember that travel and exposure to different cultures enriches all of us. I am convinced that the students who participated on this trip have gained an immeasurable life experience that will serve them well in the future.

Thank you to Mr. Henley and Ms. Gurick for accompanying our students on this adventure and sending regular updates along the way! Also, thank you to the families who supported the travel plans in the face of terror.

2 Thoughts

  1. a big thank you to Mr. Henley and Mrs. Gurick for showing our kids an amazing time in France! Matt had a great time with everyone! P.S He slept until 5Pm!

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