Some Pictures from Day 4 in France!

Jean-François Henley, our French teacher and chaperone for our trip to France, sent another update from the students’ travel!

After an efficient trip by TGV from Paris to Geneva, we made our way by bus to Chamonix and used two cable cars to climb all the way up the Aiguille du Midi, the highest point in Europe at over 15,000 feet. The views were absolutely breathtaking and some of us even “stepped into the void” in the glass box. Though the altitude made us a bit woozy we all had a good time. We are spending the night in Annecy.

While in Annecy, they had one of the most unusual but delicious dinners. We had Fondue Savoyarde (cheese fondue), Fondue de cèpes (Mushroom and Cheese Fondue), Tartiflette (potatoes, bacon, onion, cheese bake) and Raclette (pictured here). You put a giant block of cheese on the apparatus which is plugged into the wall and then heats the cheese from the top. You then collect the melted goodness in a plate at the bottom and eat with assorted meats and potatoes.

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