Wheatley Science Olympiad Team is Heading to States!

On Saturday, 30 January, the Wheatley Science Olympiad Team travelled to Wantagh High School for the Nassau East Regionals. Fifty-one teams from around eastern Nassau competed in 23 events hoping to earn a coveted spot at the State Competition.  After many months of studying and preparing, all of the students’ hard work paid off! Wheatley’s Science Olympiad Team came in 2nd place overall and is headed to Le Moyne College in Syracuse (in March) to battle the best teams from across the state!

This year’s regional team consisted of:

  • Karan Amin
  • Joy Bestourous
  • Robert Chang
  • Krista Chen
  • Ari Jain
  • Haseeb Jangda
  • Vani Kumar
  • John Li
  • Karen Li
  • Jeffrey Poomkudy
  • Christopher Shen
  • Manan Shukla
  • Vedant Singh
  • Emily Wang
  • Aiden Wong
  • Cindy Zhou
  • Andrew Zuckerman

Impressively, the team medaled in 17 of the 23 events:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: 9th place (Manan and John)
  • Astronomy: 2nd place (Vedant and Chris)
  • Bridge Building: 3rd place (John and Chris)
  • Cell Biology: 5th place (John and Menan)
  • Dynamic Planet: 9th place (Joy and Cindy)
  • Experimental Design: 6th place (Jeff, Vedant, and Karan)
  • Forensics: 9th place (Joy and Aiden)
  • Fossils: 1st place (Andrew and Jeff)
  • Game On: 4th place (Chris and Ari)
  • Geologic Mapping: 2nd place (Andrew and Karen)
  • Green Generation: 4th place (Ari and Krista)
  • Invasive Species: 1st place (John and Karen)
  • It’s About Time: 1st place (Andrew and Chris)
  • Optics: 3rd place (Ari and Krista)
  • Protein Modeling: 9th place (John, Vani, and Emily)
  • Remote Sensing: 2nd place (John and Karan)
  • Wind Power: 6th place (Andrew and Chris)

Congratulations to all of the contestants! Thanks as well to Alexis Blondrage, the advisor to the team, and DJ Paulson, who helped supervise Saturday’s events.

(Thanks to Ms. Blondrage for the write-up of the event, and thanks to Mr. Paulson and Ms. Blondrage for the photos!)


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