Career Fair Provides a Window to the World Beyond Wheatley

On Thursday, 28 January, Wheatley held a Career Fair in order to expose our students to some of the possible careers available to them outside of Wheatley and college. With the support of our community, nineteen different professionals spent time at Wheatley sharing information about their careers, their backgrounds and the interests that led them to pursue their current career.

The Career Fair presenters were assigned an individual classroom for their presentations. All 11th and 12th graders were asked to select two different presenters to visit during the fair. Although it was early in the morning, there was a palpable sense of excitement and energy as students learned about the various options.

The increased exposure to more career opportunities has been a district goal. The Career Fair was organized by Natalia McMillan, with the support of Dawn Muscarnera and Greg Wasserman.

The Career Fair Presenters included:

  1. Jacqueline Tobin – EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Rangefinder Magazine
  2. Donna Kesselman – PHARMICIST, Clinical Professor at St. John’s University
  3. Meg Newhouse – Senior VP and general merchandise manager Ross Stores
  4. Danielle Gruttadaurio – FORENSIC ARTIST fine art / secondary education
  5. Mike Salvietti – PERSONAL TRAINER Entrepreneur
  7. Tulio Serrata – HOMICIDE DETECTIVE
  8. Gregory M. Singer – SOCIAL WORKER SBL, SDL
  10. Michael Baltzer – AIRLINE PILOT
  11. Deborah Sepe-Fitzko – PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN Cellist
  12. Keith Senzer – EMPOWERMENT COACH Motivational Speaker
  13. Jaimie Roberts – ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER
  14. Beth Kim – ART THERAPIST
  15. Courtney Donovan – NURSE
  16. Dr. Andrew Goldbaum – MEDICAL Ophthalmologist
  17. Kerry Spillmann – EVIDENCE SPECIALIST Suffolk County Police Department
  18. Drew Hambly – MORGAN STANLEY Executive Director of Corporate Governance
  19. Donna Chisholm – PHYSICAL THERAPIST Sports

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