Congratulations to Patrick Brady, Wheatley’s Geography Bee Champion!

Earlier today, seven of our 8th Grade students competed in the final round of the National Geography Bee in order to determine who would represent Wheatley in the next round of the competition.

After in-class preliminary rounds, the following seven students qualified for the Wheatley Final Round:

  • Rahul Ajmera
  • Emma Blennau
  • Patrick Brady
  • Maggie Caroddo
  • John Lopes
  • Brendan Resnick
  • Emily Yagoda

Eventually, Rahul and Patrick were the only students standing! During the final round, Patrick edged out Rahul (in the tiebreaker!) for the victory! Congratulations to Patrick on being designated as Wheatley’s Geography Bee Champion for 2016! (Rahul’s sportsmanship at the end of the competition impressed everyone!)

Thank you to Dr. Gately for hosting the final round, and than you to all of the teachers (Mr. Patrick Clarke, Mr. Matt Haig and Mrs. Cindy Schwartz) for supporting this competition in their classroom.


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